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Design your case for Vivo Y70 with your overprint

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Take a few minutes and order a unique case for your Vivo Y70 phone

Vivo phone cases are very popular. Those interested do not have to decide on ready-made products but take matters into their own hands and use the "design your own case" function. In the wizard you can also choose many interesting prints which will be resistant to abrasion, mechanical damage and changing temperatures. Creating a personalised case takes just a few minutes and working in a creator is very pleasant and intuitive. The custom case design feature allows you to create an individual design if you don't accept any compromise in expressing yourself! The self-designed case has all the necessary cut-outs: for the headphone connector, camera and loudspeaker, all you have to do is select the right model for your phone.

Upload your own pictures!

The great advantage of such a solution is, above all, the possibility of adding your own graphics or photos. Therefore, a case with your own print will also be an original gift idea. It is designed almost from the very beginning by the person giving the gift, so it gains enormous sentimental value. We can place on it, for example, a joint photo with a partner, a picture of a child, a photo from a journey or a party, the main character of your favourite film, a selected quote or an aesthetic design.

What we get when we design a case with our own hands

When choosing a smartphone case, we have to take into account not only its suitability for a particular model of phone and its durability, but also visual issues. There is no doubt that the right case is primarily an element protecting the device in case of a fall or scratch. However, we use the phone many times a day, so it can also be a stylish accessory, in line with our sense of aesthetics. Using the case we can also successfully accentuate our character, taste or interests. That is why it should be a gadget designed mostly by ourselves and attracting attention with its unique design.