Design your case for Vivo Y20s with your overprint

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Use the wizard and complete the order

Mobile phone accessories have several functions: to protect the device, to extend or enhance its functions and also to complete our personal look. On you will find a simple and very intuitive to use wizard. Thanks to it, you can easily combine all the collected elements in a satisfactory way and realize your idea. The wizard allows you to add photos, subtitles and personalise them in terms of appearance or size. So you can add your favourite holiday photo, create a collage, use the graphics and finish everything with a subtitle set in a place and at an angle that is satisfactory.

A case personalized for your Vivo Y20s and... for you!

Make sure that the case you choose is the right fit for your model of phone - this is crucial as it will allow you to use either the speaker, the camera or the headphone socket in a comfortable way. Designing a case with our Etuo Wizard is very simple. First we choose the phone model for which we want to prepare a flexible case. Then we decide on one of the available templates, according to which we will place photos or graphics on the case's surface. Finally, we select the graphics from the available catalogue or use private photographs in digital format, or add short text and you're done. If you want the case to be unique, design the case yourself and wait for its delivery.

Design as you like!

The self-designing of the case has many advantages, because we are sure that the case will be embellished exactly the way we want it. If you simply don't like the finished models, it is a much better idea to work on the case yourself, which will certainly not take too long. A simple to use wizard, to which you can add many different photos, is very helpful. There are no restrictions, so users decide on the photos they want. Thus, the prints will be matched to the specific requirements. In the Etuo wizard you can choose various subtitles, font or format.