Design your case for Vivo with your overprint

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How to use our wizard

There are many ways to personalise your smartphone. It is important that the device is functional and at the same time adapted to the individual needs of the user. Design a phone case that is both visually attractive and practical. This is not a difficult task to do! Designing a case is absolutely not a complex process. Just use the ready-made wizard, which can be found on the Etuo home page. By following the step-by-step instructions you can create an original case with your own imprint. It only takes a few minutes and you're ready to place your order! Of course, you should indicate the model of your Vivo device before you start working. Here the perfect fit really counts! The case must be neither too small nor too big. Make sure you choose the right Vivo from the list!

A case for Vivo phones with its own graphics!

Nothing makes you feel more happy than personalized items. Things like a T-shirt with your own print or a case with a pattern of your choice bring back nice memories and sometimes remind us of important people. In Etuo we give you that chance!

Surround yourself with your favourite items

Personalised phone cases are becoming increasingly popular. This is not surprising, after all, everyone likes to have items that remind us of important people or events, favourite animals or celebrities. Although there are many different case designs on the Internet, these are not always the graphics we dream of. Fortunately, in Etuo we give you the opportunity to create a case with your own imprint. You can choose the graphics you want - whether it's a photo with friends, your pet or a customised graphic. This is what our company offers. We care about the quality of our products and customer satisfaction.