Design your case for TCL with your overprint

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Design your own case for TCL phones

TCL phones are bought by people with a little bit more flair, independence, and uniqueness. Rather than follow the rest of the trend and buy Apples and Samsungs, TCL phone owners chart their own path. So it’s only natural that your phone case should be as unique as you are – and that’s where we can help.

Something a little different

Although we have a fabulous selection of cases for all TCL models, sometimes you want something that’s a little bit different, or more personalised. So our Cover Creator allows you to create your own, bespoke case for your TCL phone, whether you have a TCL 10 5G, a TCL 10 Plus, or a TCL 10 SE. With our help, you can create a case that fits perfectly, allows you to access all your cameras and charger ports with ease, and delivers outstanding edge-to-edge protection for your phone – but with a twist. You decide what design goes on the case!

How it works

Our Case Creator function is so easy to use that you can create a bespoke case in minutes. Simply go to the Case Creator on the website, and choose the type of case you want. Remember, all of our TCL cases are designed to fit perfectly, so there’s no worry about ending up with a ‘generic’ case that doesn’t fit! Then upload an image of your choice, whether it’s a picture of your kids, your pet, or a design you’re particularly fond of. Play around with a choice of background colours, and add some text if you want to. Then use our toolbox to manipulate your image by layering multiple images or rotating the picture. Press send, and you’re done! Your custom case will be on its way to you within 24 hours, and is delivered right to your door. Why not treat yourself or someone special to a custom case and design your own case for your TCL phone today?