Design your case for Sony with your overprint

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Design a unique Sony smartphone cover

The Japanese company Sony was founded in Toyo, just after the Second World War. It began life as the Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation, before changing its name to Sony in 1958. Sony has a history of ‘firsts’, having created everything from the world’s first portable cassette recorder, to the world’s first Blu-Ray player. The company launched its first mobile phone in 2008 and, since then, has become famous for its elegant designs and effortless performance. Keeping your phone protected against daily wear and tear is key to ensuring its longevity. The etuo range of Sony phone covers includes a wide selection of styles and colours and the chance to design your own, unique smartphone case.

Choose your Sony phone case

Browse the etuo collection of Sony phone cases and you’ll find everything from wallet-style Flex Book covers, to open-faced FLEXmat smartphone covers. Made from the highest quality materials, these provide your phone with peerless protection against scratches, dents and the effects of being dropped. In addition, the covers can help to defend against dirt, which can impact on your phone’s performance. While the etuo range of Sony covers is supremely stylish, we can help you take yours to the next level, using our online Cover Creator.

Create a personalised Sony smartphone cover

The etuo Cover Creator is an online tool you can use to create a personalised Sony smartphone cover. Upload images, text or graphics onto an online template of your chosen phone case, and get creating! The easy-to-use controls allow you to manipulate your design, change its size, position, orientation and even the background colour. Whether you choose to upload a motivational quote, a personal photo or a graphic design, you can create a phone cover that’s unique to you. We’ll print your finished design onto the phone of your choice and, once we’ve received your order, ship it out to you within 24 hours.