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Design your case for Realme 7 Pro with your overprint

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How to start designing a case

We are well aware that the phone can also be our business card. How can you personalize it in the best way? Simply design a phone case that will express you and surprise your friends and your environment. How can you do this and what should your target case be? The first step in your case design adventure should be to find a shop that can do this. Such a place is our shop, Etuo, where we offer our customers a user-friendly editor, which greatly facilitates the whole design process. This can be completed in just a few points! The most important thing is to choose the right phone model. This is very important because each case available in our offer is dedicated to only one, specific model of a smartphone! Don't make a mistake when choosing :)

Start designing!

The wizard has a very simple interface, where you can add your own photos or text, or you can use the ready ones. Everything resembles an easy to use graphics program; it would be good if you had your idea in your head, but you don't have any time pressure or limit here. You can overlay the photos by combining and matching them to your individual taste. Design your own case in our creator today!

Neat material, decent print

In a good case with its own imprint, the right material is also important. Not only should it be durable, but it should also be sufficiently adhesive so that the phone simply does not fall out of your hands. The right colour can make the dirt less visible. And it will certainly show up because, unfortunately, our smartphones are the most common items we use every day!