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Design your case for Realme 7 with your overprint

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A tool with infinite possibilities

We are attacked with hundreds of products every day. Etuo's offer is very broad, there are many designs and types of cases, which can make it difficult to make decisions when buying a gadget for your phone or the phone of someone close to you. We thought about it too! On our website we provide you with a tool to create your own case design! Why infinite? Because there are endless images, patterns, photos that can be used to design a case for the back of your smartphone. You can use graphics found on the internet, funny memos, patterns, or put your own pictures on the design gadget! Maybe a funny picture of your dog? A picture of your child? A photo of your friends or family? See how many possibilities there are! So, if you have a hard time deciding on any of our designs, fire up the wizard!

Easy to use, remarkable effect

The most important thing at the very beginning is to choose the right model of the designed case. In your case it will be Realme 7, which you have to choose from a list. This is important because all the cases in our shop are dedicated to one smartphone model only. This guarantees a perfect fit to the components of the selected phone. After choosing a phone from the list, you are almost immediately up and running! The wizard is simple, very intuitive. All you have to do is load the graphic file you want to use for your project.

Use the wizard to create a gift

Any of your friends have a Realme 7 phone? Or another model, another brand? Use your computer and create a special gift for them! Maybe a funny birthday or a Christmas picture? You will certainly have your own ideas that will surprise your friends and enjoy every day!