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Design your case for Pocophone with your overprint

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Personalise your Pocophone phone cover

The Pocophone was created by the Chinese electronics company Xiaomi. Founded in 2010, Xiaomi became China’s largest smartphone manufacturer in just four years, going on to become the fourth largest in the world by 2018. The Pocophone is one of the most efficient smartphones on the market and buying a phone cover can help to protect it against dirt, dents and the effects of drops. At etuo, we offer a range of Pocophone phone covers that look as good as they perform. However, if you want to give your Pocophone phone case an added extra, then we can help you design one that’s entirely personal to you.

Choosing a Pocophone phone cover

The etuo range of Pocophone smartphone cases has something for everyone. If you’re a professional, you might prefer the sleek design of a wallet-style phone cover. For those who are always on the go, the FLEXmat phone cover offers durability and convenience. All our covers are made from high-grade materials, helping to keep your phone safe, even in the event of a droppage. They look stylish too! But if you want something truly personal then our online Wizard lets you put your own stamp on your chosen cover, whether you’re treating yourself or buying a unique gift for a friend.

Creating your unique Pocophone smartphone case

Using the etuo Wizard, you can upload pictures, text or graphics and create your own design, which we’ll print onto your chosen Pocophone cover. The online tools are easy to use, so you can position your images, resize them, choose the background colour, and even turn them around. Once you’re satisfied with your design, place your order and we’ll print it on the back of the smartphone cover, using tough, scratch-resistant materials. Once it’s printed, we’ll ship it out to you within 24 hours. A superb way of ensuring that your Pocophone mobile phone stands out from the crowd and is protected at all times.