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Design your case for Philips with your overprint

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Design a personalised Philips phone cover

Believe it or not, the Philips company has been around since 1891! However, back then, the company was a manufacturer of lightbulbs, rather than of the electronic gadgetry that has made it such a familiar brand around the world. It was in the 1990s that Philips threw itself into the world of mobile phone manufacture and was responsible for creating one of the most iconic phones of that decade, the C12. Today, Philips smartphones are infinitely smaller, sleeker and user-friendly, with the same attention to detail and build quality you expect from such an iconic brand. To keep yours protected from daily wear and tear, a smartphone cover is essential. To combine functionality with style, etuo offers you the chance to design your own, unique Philips phone cover.

Choose your Philips phone cover

A well-made phone cover will protect your mobile against dents, dirt and drops. Our FLEXmat smartphone cases are made to be durable and to offer protection to the back, sides and front of the phone. The silicone housing is flexible, scratch-resistant, and boasts superb shock-absorption properties to protect your phone against the effects of the occasional droppage. Using our online function, you can transform your chosen smartphone cover from something standard, into something extraordinary. To design your own Philips phone case, just click on the ‘Design a Cover’ text and prepare to meet the etuo Wizard!

Designing your unique Philips phone cover

The etuo Wizard is an online tool that allows you to upload your favourite text, graphics or images and have them printed onto your Philips phone case. Your design will be printed onto the back of the case, leaving the sides and front transparent. Whether you choose a motivational quote, a meaningful photo or your own graphics, the design will be rendered in scratch-resistant material. Use the Wizard to choose elements such as background colour, image size and even where you want to put it. An ideal and unique gift for anyone with a Philips mobile phone.