Design your case for OnePlus 8T with your overprint

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Choose a design from the collection or design it yourself - your own OnePlus 8T case

It is impossible to include all possible case designs in the shop, so if you haven't found a colour or graphic that suits you, you can choose it yourself!

A simple tool to change your smartphone

Our wizard allows you to create a unique case for your OnePlus 8T, which will be created entirely by you! The wizard is quite simple to use, just go through all the steps and soon enjoy the new case with the original graphics you chose! How about designing a gift case for someone? Use the wizard and give someone close to you an original gift! Preparing a photo case, with the help of our online wizard, should not take more than a few minutes, even for a person who uses such a tool for the first time ever.

How the wizard works

Modern printing techniques ensure that colour prints can be made on a variety of materials, including everyday items such as phone covers. If you want your phone to stand out from other devices, design the case on your own, decorating its surface in your preferred way. You can use ready-made graphics or self-made photographs for this purpose.

Using a wizard is easy

The simplest choice is to adorn the surface of the case with a single, appropriately calibrated photograph. The user can also choose to create a mosaic of two or more photos. The photos can be of different sizes and shapes. They are always appropriately scaled so that they do not lose quality. Design a case from one or more photos, creating a unique cover for any kind of occasion. It's so easy to design your own phone cover!