Design your case for Meizu with your overprint

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Design a unique Meizu phone case

While Meizu might not be on everyone’s radar in this country, it’s only a matter of time before it builds up a big fan base! Founded in 2003 in China, the company started out making MP3 and MP4 players. By 2007, the production of smartphones was well underway and four years later, the company took the decision to focus on Android phones. Today, Meizu is one of the most popular brands in Poland and is set to make its mark in Europe in the near future. Owners of Meizu smartphones will be pleased to see that we offer an extensive selection of phone covers, including the option to design your own!

Choosing your Meizu phone cover

At etuo, we offer one of the largest and most exciting ranges of covers for Meizu mobile phones. Whether you want a book-cover-style cover to give your phone that professional edge or the shock-absorptive properties of a FLEXmat case, we offer a huge choice of styles and covers. However, if you want to make your case unique, our ‘Design a Cover’ option is the one for you. Ideal for creating a personalised gift or for treating yourself to a one-of-a-kind phone cover, the process is simple and once you’ve completed your design, we’ll ship your order out within 24 hours.

Designing your Meizu phone cover

Whether you favour a wallet-style cover or an open-fronted case, the etuo Cover Creator allows you to add your own design. Select from your favourite photos, text or images and upload your choices. There are easy-to-use online tools with which you can manipulate your image and make it just as you want it. It doesn’t matter if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, as there’s nothing to download and you can preview your design before you place your order. Thanks to etuo, you can own a Meizu cover that stands out from the crowd and says something about you!