Design your case for LG K22 with your overprint

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Aesthetic gadget that protects

A customised case not only offers you the best protection for your phone with a unique design, but also matches your style and personality perfectly. The best part is that you only need a few minutes to make your own case at Etuo! All of them are designed to protect your mobile phone from falls and scratches on a daily basis. In addition to a completely personalised case with your photo, you will have a cover that protects your mobile phone from everyday accidents. The print you create yourself will surely bring you or the person for whom you design it a lot of joy. The designing process itself will not take you long.

What pictures can I use to create a case?

Absolutely any you want. Your case can show everything you want. Remember, however, that the better the resolution of the photo you load, the higher the quality of your print and therefore the better the end result. You can also edit the pattern that you upload - narrow, rotate and crop it. Designing your own case is a solution advantageous especially for people who like to stand out and are always looking for a completely individual solution, even when choosing accessories for the phone.

Robust case with a personal touch

All personalised cases are now made using high quality silicone cases. The silicone case is flexible and flexible, thanks to which it absorbs falls well and is extremely resistant to abrasion. A great advantage is that such a case does not increase the size of a smartphone at all. The operation of our creator is extremely simple. Just a few steps and you're ready to order! We will process your order quickly and efficiently so that you can enjoy your new case just a few days after it is placed!