Design your case for Google Pixel 5 with your overprint

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Design wizard for Google Pixel 5 cases

Your Pixel 5 seems boring to you? You haven't found a case design that interests you in our shop? Try creating your own design in our wizard dedicated for this purpose!

How the wizard works

You upload your own graphics or text and get your own individual design just like you dreamed! You just need to go through a few steps of our online graphic designer and soon enjoy the unique case. If you decide to place a selected subtitle on your future case, you can use the fonts that we provide in our tool. It could be some meaningful quote, meme, or some humorous text for you. You can access the wizard directly from our homepage.

Uploading a file to the wizard

If you decide on a graphic, all you have to do is to upload the file you have assigned to your future unique case to the wizard! Remember, however, to upload a good-resolution file, so that the graphics do not look blurred or pixelized. You can choose a picture of your beloved person, a pet, your favourite picture from the internet or an interesting pattern.

Choose your phone model

If you are looking for a case for the new Google Pixel 5, you will easily find this phone on the list! We ensure that every case you design in our wizard will be a perfect fit for the smartphone model of your choice. The case will not make your phone significantly thicker; it will only add charm and style! And thanks to our wizard, it can look like an even more personalised gadget for you or someone close to you!