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Design your case for Coolpad with your overprint

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Coolpad – design a personalised phone cover

While it’s still a relatively new name in the UK, Coolpad is one of the biggest manufacturers of mobile phones in China. Founded in 1993, it has expanded its global reach is now a popular brand in the USA. With smartphone technology at the forefront of its vision, this company is one to look out for. If you’re one of the loyal legions of Coolpad customers, you’ll know that finding a good Coolpad phone cover can be tricky. At etuo, we offer an extensive selection of Coolpad phone cases, in a range of shapes and sizes. Or for something unique, we can offer you the chance to design your own.

Finding the right Coolpad phone cover

The FLEXmat case is probably the most popular in the etuo Coolpad mobile phone cover collection. Made from durable silicone, they’re tough enough to withstand dents, dings and the effects of drops without compromising your phone’s performance. You’ll find all the cut-outs in all the right places, allowing you to accessorise your mobile without having to remove its protective housing. Whether you’re buying a gift for someone or want your Coolpad phone cover to stand out from the crowd, the etuo wizard allows you to get creative and take yours to the next level.

Creating a one-of-a-kind Coolpad phone case

You won’t need a degree in design to use the etuo wizard. Choose your cover, click on ‘Design a Case’ and you’ll be introduced to this online magician. The virtual template allows you to upload your favourite photos, images or text and using the online controls, manipulate them to create a unique design. Whether you want to change the size, colour, positioning of your creation, we’ve got everything you need. Once you’re happy, submit your order and we’ll print your design onto the phone cover of your choice. Thanks to the etuo wizard, Coolpad phone covers just got even cooler!