Design your case for BlackBerry with your overprint 

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Blackberry KeyOne Case - design your FLEXmat Case - white Delivery soon

Design a case FLEXmat Case

Blackberry KeyOne Case - design your FLEXmat Case - white

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BlackBerry – create a unique phone case

Believe it or not, BlackBerry was founded in 1985 and, during the ‘90s was one of the most popular brands of mobile device on the planet. It pioneered mobile communication with the launch of the world’s first pagers in 1996, before going on to release a series of email-enabled gadgets. In 2013, BlackBerry entered the mobile phone arena, launching the Z10 and Q10 smartphones. Since then, it’s retained its reputation as a manufacturer of top-quality mobile phones. Keeping yours protected is essential to keep it performing its best. At etuo, we offer a wide range of BlackBerry mobile phone cases, and even offer you the chance to create your own!

Finding the right BlackBerry phone cover

Whether you want the convenience of a FLEXmat BlackBerry phone case or the professional look of a Wallet Book Cover, the etuo collection covers all the bases. All our BlackBerry mobile phone covers are made from top-quality materials, ensuring the best protection for your phone. High-grade silicone offers resilience against dents, dings and the effects of drops, while our Wallet Book cases provide a defence against dirt, with a faux-leather cover. While there are plenty of designs available, the etuo wizard allows you to design a one of a kind pattern that’s entirely your own.

Designing your BlackBerry mobile phone cover

Once you’ve chosen your BlackBerry mobile phone cover, click ‘Design a Case’. This will take you to the etuo wizard and a virtual template of your chosen BlackBerry phone case. Using the online tools, you can upload your favourite graphics, text or pictures onto the template and manipulate them to create a design that’s personal to you. Whether you’re buying a gift or treating yourself, you can make your design as flamboyant or as minimalist as you want. Place your order and, once we’ve received it, we’ll print your design onto your selected BlackBerry mobile phone cover. We’ll then ship it out to you, usually within 24 hours.