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Asus – design your unique phone cover

While Asus might not command the same huge audience as its larger competitors, it does have a very loyal fanbase. That’s hardly surprising, when you consider that the company has been operating since 1989. While it initially specialised in developing computer hardware, Asus expanded into the mobile phone market in 2014, launching its first generation of ZenFones. The ZenFone gained popularity and in 2019, Asus released the sixth generation of this model. If you own a ZenFone, it’s worth investing in an Asus mobile phone cover, to keep it safe from daily wear and tear. At etuo, we offer a wide selection of styles, and there’s even the opportunity to design your own!

Finding the right Asus phone case

The etuo collection of Asus mobile phone cases includes everything from FLEXmat cases to Wallet Book covers. FLEXmat cases are made from durable silicone, which has superb shock-absorption properties while keeping your phone looking its best. Our Wallet Book covers give further protection, keeping the screen covered with textured, book-cover-style material. In addition, this can be used as a convenient stand for those times when you need to go hands-free. Using the etuo wizard, you can add a little extra flair to your Asus phone cover and help it stand out from the crowd.

Personalise your Asus mobile phone cover

Whether you’re buying a gift for someone or treating yourself, the etuo wizard is the place to start. Choose your Asus phone cover and then click ‘Design a Case’. You’ll be presented with a virtual template of your chosen case, onto which you can upload your favourite text, graphics or pictures. Using the online tools, you can manipulate your images to create a design that’s as flamboyant or as minimalist as you want it to be. Submit your order and we’ll print your creation onto your phone cover and ship it out to you, usually within 24 hours.