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Create a case with your own print

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Customize your phone case with your own design

Do you like being treated as an individual? When searching for the perfect accessories or clothes, do you always make sure they reflect your character? If so, you'll certainly appreciate the opportunity to create your own phone case! What's more, you choose not only the color you're interested in, but also the inscription and graphics. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. Anytime you want, the graphics in the phone case can be your drawing, a photo or a picture found on the internet. And that's the best part of it all! Because you decide what the phone case printed will look like!

Create your dream phone case

An easy-to-use wizard will guide you step by step through the entire process of creating your own phone case printed. You establish the brand and model of the phone you are interested in, then choose the type – we offer a high quality silicone case for most of the phones. Once you've established all of this, you go on to create your own work. The wizard gives you an overview of what the phone case will look like when you're done. This way you can be sure that you will feel satisfied. At your disposal is the possibility to choose the color with its different shades, the option to add graphics (including previously scanned drawing or photo!) and text. If you let your imagination run free for a moment, you will surely have a phone case that everyone will envy you all the time. The effect will surely exceed all expectations!

Customized phone case as a gift for your loved one

The ability to create your own customized phone case means that many people use it to create a gift for a loved one. Very often a common photo is chosen as a print on the case, which reminds of an important event. Some people who appreciate the sense of humor, choose funny photos, thanks to which the recipient will smile every time he or she reaches for the phone. Thanks to the possibility of adding text to our phone case printed we can add "all the best", "for beloved mother", "for grandmother" or "for grandfather". There are many possibilities here and, what is certain, such a customized phone case will surely please everyone who will be given it.

We focus on high quality products and prints

The phone case printed is sure to look great – yo don't have to worry about that as the main designer of your own design! We, on the other hand, will make sure that the design on the case is presented as you would expect it to be, i.e. clearly and with high quality. It won't wash away with time and won't unsightly shine through where it shouldn't.