Cleaning accessories for phones and tablets

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Keep your screen nice and clean

Plenty has been written about the hygienic advantages of keeping your smartphone screen clean; according to some reports, your toilet is probably cleaner than your mobile or tablet! However, germaphobia side, there are practical reasons to keep your phone in tip-top condition. An accumulation of dust, dirt or grime can get under the cover, into charging and accessory ports, and even under the keys. All of this can damage your mobile device, or even stop it working altogether! The trouble with gadgets of this sort is that you can’t just throw them in the dishwasher! So at etuo, we’ve put together a great range of smartphone cleaning solutions.

Wipe before you swipe!

Among our range of cleaning wipes you’ll find microfibre cloths. These are ideal for wiping dirt and dust from your screen, allowing you to see what’s being displayed clearly. Because they’re made from ultra-soft microfibres, there’s no danger of them scratching your screen. The science behind their superb cleaning abilities is due to something called van der Waals forces. In essence, this means that dirt adheres to microfibres, making them particularly useful for cleaning all types of screens, from phones and tablets to TVs and cameras.

Wet or dry?

Wet wipes are another excellent cleaning option, and, at etuo, we stock a good selection. Wet cleaning wipes are ideal for screens, where greasy fingerprints and marks can reduce visibility and even impair touchscreen function. Screens also tend to build up static, which attracts dust. Our collection of wet cleaning wipes includes a selection with anti-static properties, allowing you to keep your screen dust-free. You’ll even find anti-bacterial wipes, for added hygiene. There’s no need to register when you buy online at etuo, just choose your cleaning product and head for the checkout. With a simple shopping process and 24-hour shipping, all that’s left for you to do is to explore what we’ve got!