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Etuo shop for Wiko devices: a wide range of cases

Apart from accessories for the most popular smartphone brands, the Etuo store also presents an offer for users of the less well-known French manufacturer, Wiko. We present a variety of covers: both those with a flap or book-shape cases, as well as silicone bumpers, elegant pouches and holsters made of eco leather. Just check out our printed case collections: there are hundreds of themed and fancy graphic designs to choose from, which will delight everybody! Find your favourite pattern and turn your smartphone into a true masterpiece.

Keep your Wiko safe with a fancy case!

Whether you are looking for an aesthetic case or extra protection, you will find it in our shop. Each type of case will serve both purposes, providing effective protection for your Wiko against scratches, cracks and dirt. Durable cases made of high-quality materials are reliable gadgets, which can also completely change the look of the device. Each case is perfectly matched to a particular Wiko model and has special cut-outs for components and connectors. So you don't have to take off the cover to plug your smartphone to the charger or use the camera.

Wiko: Brand description

There are many small players in the smartphone market. Most of them don't try to create a brand, instead they just produce more smartphones from the Chinese catalogue on roller conveyor belts. Against the backdrop of all these brands, the French Wiko stands out positively with its higher aspirations. Wiko takes care not only of the look, but also of multimedia identity. In collaboration with a French musician and YouTubeer, PV Nova has created its own sound identification as well as WikoJi icons. These may seem like details, but they clearly show that Wiko is working on its own identity. It wants to become a unique brand.