Vivo Y70 Cases

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The quality of the case matters!

We have decided to use a cover, but what kind? Book-shape, covering the screen, just the back case and the front area without any protection or with an invisible foil instead... the options are truly numerous. It is important to remember that it is always advisable to look for a quality cover, regardless of the material used. Thus, if we buy a silicone one, we should get one that is well prepared so that it does not turn yellow over time, and no, the ones from the Chinese guy on the corner do not comply with that factor. In the Etuo shop we do not provide our customers with rubbish. All cases available on our website, both for Vivo phones and any other brand, come from proven manufacturers.

Then, ...what case should I choose?

The question remains as to what kind of protector we want. If we opt for bumpers (housings that only cover the contour of the mobile phone) and leave the controls, headphones, charging port and external speakers free, we will protect the friction but only on the sides. If we prefer to use a rear case, we increase the protection by covering the sides and back of our phones so that a fall (as long as it is not from a screen) can be saved. This is a type of cover whose ideal combination is that used with a tempered glass for the screen.

How do you avoid damaging the smartphone?

The first advice is to avoid putting the phone in the same pocket as the keys or coins and what to say is to avoid the bag. It is also essential to pay attention to the surfaces on which we place it. We must avoid placing the mobile phone on the table when it is sunny and also on slippery surfaces that can make it slip and fall to the floor. Continuous and careless rubbing against tables and other surfaces causes scratches and micro-scratches on the casing.