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With or without colour?

You must admit that many smartphone models can be quite conventional in their designs, that's why a case can be that "bonus" that talks about your style and that distinguishes your device from others. Smartphones at risk Mobile phones are fragile and we take them everywhere with us, even to the bathroom or to the kitchen. We do not always leave them in safe places and sometimes they fall, get scratched, etc. The best thing is to opt for a cover that protects them and makes them safer from different risks. But how do you choose the best cover for your mobile? It is important that you are clear about whether or not you want the cover to be coloured and whether you want it to be an eye-catching beautiful accessory or simply something that protects. We offer here cases with all kinds of designs and you will have to decide! If you like your phone very much, you can choose a transparent case that allows you to see it and thus save the original look. If you don't mind it not being seen, choose the design you want.

Don't forget about the screen

Protect not only the back of the phone but also the screen. There are many flip cases in book-style for all brands and models, and they allow you to protect your phone if it's usually in your pocket, backpack, bag... In addition, some of these cases have a window on top so you can see the time and notifications without having to open it completely.

Make sure it is compatible

Don't buy a case of a similar model just because it is the same brand and family because it may not fit. Each model has its own dimensions and has its own cover. If you are looking for something "similar", the hole in the charger may not fit properly and you will have to remove it to charge your mobile, for example.