Vivo X51 5G Cases

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Cases for Vivo X51 5G

When we decide to buy a mobile phone, protection should be a priority. Unless you have a sturdy screen, the use of a casing (or cover) becomes a necessity. No one would want their precious phone to be shattered into tiny pieces of glass after the first fall.

Full covers or with flap

Most popular among business people and a female clientele, the full and top covers offer good protection and have an elegant design. Some are made of faux-leather and can hold credit cards, tickets or even a small stylus. They protect your mobile phone from falls, scratches on the screen and casing if you have keys or coins in your trousers and are easy to store. Some have magnets to make it easy to close the flap, while others fold up as a shelf, similar to the smart covers on iPads and other tablets.

Silicone or TPU bumpers and back cases

These turn out to be the most popular options among smartphone users. The bumper offers less protection than the case, as it only protects the edges of the phone. The millimetre edges prevent the screen from coming into direct contact with the floor in the event of a fall and many have a soft material that prevents the phone from slipping. The bumper is recommended for those who do not want to sacrifice the original appearance of the phone. Sometimes it is the cheapest solution, although you should be aware that they do not offer the protection of other cases. Silicone and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) sleeves are the most popular. They come in many designs and are combined with other materials to provide decent protection for your phone. Most of them have a rubber finish that offers a better grip and prevents it from slipping, although sometimes this generates some friction when storing it in your trouser bag.