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Choose protection for your Vivo devices in our shop!

Mobile phones are becoming more and more beautiful, but the more beautiful they are, the more fragile they are. More screen, less edges, glass backs and not plastic... All the features that make mobile phones attractive today also make them more fragile or less resistant to shocks and falls. The first and fundamental thing to do when choosing mobile phone covers is to make sure that it is an exact model of your live phone and not another similar one. Don't expect that the previous model is the same in design because the size may vary by a few millimetres and not fit well, that the connectors are not placed in the same places from one model to another, from one year to the next.

Today's smartphones require additional protection

Think about how you use your mobile phone or how many times you take it out of your pocket to check the time, how many risks you take, who uses it. Think about whether or not you are a disaster with your mobile phone because mobile phone cases are more or less resistant and more or less protective. Depending on the risks you take, choose the right one for your Vivo.

You get the protection you need

Choosing a case is not easy and it is not enough just to know the model of your phone, go to the shop and buy the first one you see. There are many types of mobile phone cases and you will have to choose which one suits you best, which one protects you best, which one you like best. Mobile phone cases do not only differ in their design, but also in their shape, fabric or level of resistance.