Realme 7 5G Cases

Cases for Realme 7 5G

Smartphones Realme 7, Realme 7 Pro, Realme 7i, are completely different models

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Case for Realme 7 5G

Not using the device with a cover or screen protector is a kind of Russian roulette. There is a reason for saying so: we cannot have control over all the parameters that are involved in preventing a mobile phone from falling over. The fact is that devices sometimes fall down without us noticing.

Minimize risks

This is a good reason, because if you choose a good quality cover and a screen protector you know that when the phone falls off, it just about to fall or slip out of your hands, the chances of breakage are significantly reduced. Cases absorb impacts well, as they completely cover the sensitive areas of the device such as the corners. A phone hitting the ground on the edge without a cover is a sure thing. Breaking the phone screen, or the outer casing is quite common occurrence. And carrying a brand-new phone with a cracked screen is not a tasteful option. What's more, it makes the user experience much worse. So a good cover with a fitting screen protector is an investment that may not be too high, but it will save you a lot of money in case of any problems.

You keep your Realme safe

Perhaps those who choose to put a cover on their mobile phone and a screen protector want to keep it in good condition. And not just because you have a good experience of daily use, but because at the end of the life of that device with us, we can always sell it for a higher price if it is well preserved. The difference between selling a mobile in perfect condition to another that already has some cracks or scratches is quite high. With some brands such as Apple, the depreciation curve of a second-hand phone is considerably less noticeable than with other brands, and if we add to this the extra benefit of offering it in perfect condition, the success of our sale is guaranteed.