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Smartphones Realme 7 5G, Realme 7 Pro, Realme 7i, are completely different models

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Better with or without?

Realme 7 is a smartphone with quite efficient components in its price class. The mirror-matte coating of the rear case looks neat, but over time it may start to attract scratches. Why not also think about protection for the 6.5-inch display? Though we all like to carry our phone without a case, to enjoy its design and feel the full potential, the truth is that considering how much they cost and how easy it can be to damage your screen or back after a simple fall or impact, it's best to use a case. In our shop we offer different types of cases, different materials they are made of and above all - lots of fancy designs and pictures!

What materials are Realme phone cases made of?

The material from which the mobile phone case is made is one of the characteristics that best defines its quality, resistance and durability. This type of accessory is made from a large number of different materials such as plastic, resin, acrylic, silicone, faux leather or fabric. Most of these materials protect the structure of the mobile phone very well from scratches. The resin models are the most common and cheapest. They are usually transparent, so they leave the design of the mobile in view. The silicone ones come in various colours, are lightweight, flexible and of varying thickness, while the fabric mobile phone covers can be woven or made of breathable fabric.

The case designed for your Realme 7

Mobile phone cases are available in many variations, but with features that are uniquely suited to the particular mobile phone model for which they have been designed and manufactured. Before proceeding to pay for the selected case, make sure that you have chosen the right phone model! The cut-outs in the edges of the back case are positioned according to the selected model - select Realme 7.