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The range of choices is really big!

Buying a mobile phone cover is usually one of the first steps that any user follows when buying a mobile phone. It makes sense, since today's mobiles are designed with a large number of premium elements, ready to break into a thousand pieces in the event of a fall. However, many users do not take into account that there are different types of mobile phone cases depending on the type of user they are, and that it opens up a very wide range of options when it comes to protecting the smartphone. If you are a careful user, you can afford to use what are probably the most common sleeves on the market, the transparent resin sleeves. In some cases, mobiles already include these covers when you buy them. They are cheap, so manufacturers have no problem including them when selling the mobile. Because of its price, it is also usually the best option for users looking for cheap mobile phone covers, as there are many at affordable prices. Check them out!

How about a case with a flap?

Book-style covers were popularised by Samsung, mainly for its Galaxy Note series smartphones, although today they are available for all mobiles, both in original versions and in economical versions made by low-cost manufacturers. They are also available in different quality levels. There are book-style cases which are original accessories that fit perfectly with the edges of the smartphone, and which are even magnetic so that they are always closed. And there are also cheap covers that imitate the design, but with a much lower quality.

Material is also important

The material is also very important since the protection of our terminal will really depend on it. If you want to avoid breakages in case of a strong blow, we recommend you to choose a rubber or silicone case, as they are more resistant but not very aesthetic. However, if you want it to feel "pretty", look for a hard plastic one, as it is not only stylish but also protects the phone, although it is not as safe as the previous ones.