Orange Phone Cases & Covers

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Wide range of cases for Orange phones

Growing demand for Orange phones on the European market contributes to the continuous growth of the brand position. For users, easy use of the phones is a great advantage, regardless of previous experience with smartphones. The latest models delight with modern and elegant presentation. It is because of our care for your phone that we create products of the highest quality. We care about your satisfaction. Our offer includes many unique designs and colours. Choose from a wide range of cases of our shop! The protective pouch is also a new life for your Orange smartphone! Enjoy the new look of your device.

Protect your Orange smartphone

If you are not yet protecting your smartphone with the case, think about it as soon as possible! Fantastic designs in our shop, high quality of material and functionality make you should choose your favourite model from any series of our shop today. Depending on your preferences we offer elegant covers, flexible cases and colourful covers for Orange phones. The cases do not cover holes for slots, buttons, camera and flash, enabling efficient use of your favourite Orange smartphone! Remember that the protective housing may not work if the phone is flooded!

Orange – brand description

Orange plc was established in 1994 in Great Britain. Five years later the company started its international expansion. In 1999 Orange was bought out by the German company Mannesmann, which was itself bought out by the British Vodafone after a few months. Due to antitrust regulations, Orange was sold in 2000 for €39.7 billion to France Télécom and became the official mobile network brand, the fourth largest network in the world. In addition, the Group provides ICT (Information and Communications Technology) services, leased line services and other telecommunications value-added services and sells telecommunications equipment.