OnePlus Phone Cases & Covers

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A wide range of cases for OnePlus phones

The offer of shop has been extended by accessories dedicated to OnePlus phones. Lots of colourful cases and covers with a flap, which will certainly refresh the look of your smartphone, but also provide effective protection against mechanical damage and scratches. Change the look of your OnePlus with one gadget! Buy a fashionable case and enjoy the new style of your smartphone and reliable protection against surface damage!

Protection and style for your OnePlus

The material from which our products are made is very durable. It provides the best protection and shock absorption in case of a fall. Protruding wounds protect the screen from unsightly scratches on the display. The phone is a perfect match for the cases. They do not stand out or slip off the device. They have special cut-outs for the camera, lamp and speaker. Direct access to buttons and most important sockets ensures comfortable use. You will find many interesting series in the offer. We encourage you to check out the Foto and Fantastic Case series, in which you will find over 250 unique patterns on the case!

OnePlus: New player on the mobile devices market

The OnePlus brand was established on 16 December 2013 in China. It was launched by former Oppo Vice President Pete Lau and Carla Pei. The company's goal was one: to design a top-of-the-line phone at the lowest possible price. There was no need to wait long. The official presentation of the first smartphone with the OnePlus logo took place on 23 April 2014. The worldwide sale of the device started on 6 June. As the history of OnePlus shows, you can sell premium devices for reasonable money. And success in the industry doesn't have to be reserved for companies with a long tradition.