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Choose a case for your Nokia from a wide range of patterns!

Nokia, for many years regarded as a mobile phone icon, today defends itself against premature opinions about killing the company. For many years, the market has managed to gain the trust of customers who are still willing to use the company's services. The pregnancy manufacturer is expanding the circle of satisfied customers with a view to their comfort. In the interest of smartphone protection, we offer many excellent series of cases for Nokia phones, which contain fantastic designs and graphics. They not only guarantee the original look of each model, but above all provide effective protection against damage and dirt for longer.

Best protection for your Nokia

The Etuo store offers a wide range of cases for Nokia phones. They are made of flexible material, which does not change the proportions of the phone, maintaining its original shape. They have cut-outs for the most important holes, including buttons, camera and flash. They ensure not only a modern look of the phone, but also protect it from damage in case of a fall. Nokia is famous for the quality and durability of its devices, but in the age of thin smartphones, it is much easier to damage the case during everyday use.

Nokia: Finnish reliability

In 1992 the first microphone from Nokia was created. The 1011 enabled an uninterrupted conversation for 1.5 hours and a standby time of 15 hours. 1997 was the Nokia 6110, the first with the cult Snake game. The next model, number 7110, already supported infrared, WAP or SMS. At the turn of the century, the Finns became a world leader in mobile phone production. The latest Nokie are valued for their quality. Even in simpler models, HMD often decides to use aluminium or glass, and if plastic is used, it fits perfectly. The traditional naming consisting of the Nokia name and number has been revived.