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Wide selection of Motorola phone cases

As a Motorola smartphone owner, you're sure to want to keep your Motorola looking great without damage for longer. That's why we offer you a fantastic range of cases designed for numerous models of Motorola phones. From many different series, everyone will find something interesting. Thanks to original graphics you can give them a unique and modern look. In addition, the case has cut-outs for the most important sockets as well as camera, buttons and flash. The protective case is a safety and aesthetics combined in one gadget.

Choose a protective case for your Motorola phone

Motorola has introduced many interesting technical solutions in the mobile devices market. Moreover, it creates solid and affordable phones. It combines innovative design and modern technologies. Especially for Motorola phones we have prepared an interesting offer of covers with the latest designs and fabulous graphics. The material from which our cases are made is very flexible. Interesting cases will protect against damage and dirt. Check out the wide range of designs and graphics on the high-quality chassis for many models of Motorola phones. Remember that the protective case will not provide protection if the phone gets wet!

Motorola: a pioneering brand of mobile phones

Few people today remember that before the Nokia era, another manufacturer dominated the mobile phone sector. It was Motorola, which - although not as long as Finnish Nokia - had a clear advantage in the market. The origins of the company date back to 1928, when it was founded in Schaumburg, a suburb of Chicago. It was Motorola that first started mass production of mobile phones. Its DynaTAC model, presented in 1973 and launched 10 years later, started a mobile revolution in the world. Currently, manufacturers outdo each other in creating the thinnest phones possible. This trend was also initiated by Motorola, presenting at a special press conference RAZR V3, which was only 7.1 mm thick! Due to this fact, the model was declared the thinnest smartphone in the world and the object desired by everyone.