Meizu Phone Cases & Covers

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Wide range of Meizu phone cases

In Etuo shop you will find a rich collection of protective cases for Meizu devices. Choose from a variety of designs and colours! Such a case for Meizu phone will protect it from mechanical damage, mitigate the effects of a fall of a smartphone, but also give it an extraordinary design! Graphic enclosures are a great idea to express yourself and personalise your device! Moreover, there are several hundred designs to choose from, so everyone will find something for themselves or for a loved one as a gift.

Protect your Meizu

Don't let your new smartphone lose its glamour just because there are scratches on the casing. It's not hard to get that kind of mechanical damage, even if you're careful. That's why we recommend phone covers, which are perfect protection against scratches, abrasions and dirt! In our shop you will find plenty of unique cases for Meizu devices. Each of the products is perfectly matched to a particular Meizu model and has specially designed holes for device components. This allows you to use the slots, buttons or camera without having to remove the case from your smartphone!

Meizu – brand description

The founder and first president of Meizu was Jack Wong. Within a few years he managed to create the most popular MP3 brand in China. Interestingly, Jack Wong has a status that can only be compared to that of the late Apple president. He has his loyal fans. He is even a star. After such a great success, Wong transformed the company's profile. After several years as an MP3 producer, Meizu became a telecommunications company. The result of this transformation was a smartphone released in 2008 called M8. Meizu M8 was a breakthrough for the company, which today has more than 1000 employees and operates more than 600 company stores. Since the introduction of this model to its offer, the Chinese company has expanded its business worldwide.