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Large selection of cases for LG phones

For every LG smartphone owner, we present a wide range of protective cases that will change the look of your device and protect it effectively! Surely everyone will find the perfect design for themselves and change the look of their smartphone to help them stand out from the crowd. Durable prints do not rub off, so the case will look great for a very long time. At etuo.pl you will also find other LG phone cases. We recommend book-style cases, which are folded into a practical pad. Matt finish ensures that no greasy fingerprints remain on the cases.

Effective protection of your LG

Our covers effectively protect your smartphone from scratches, abrasions and dirt, and cushion drops to minimize the risk of greater damage. Phone cases available at etuo.pl are ideally suited to a specific LG model and have dedicated cut-outs for smartphone components, so you do not have to remove the case while using the camera or entering the headphones. A smartphone in the case is first of all your peace of mind - you will not have to worry about your phone all the time! Get it now and enjoy the new life of your smartphone!

LG – brand description

South Korean company operating in the electronics, chemical and telecommunications industries. LG is the second largest conglomerate in Korea. It is based in the LG Twin tower in Seoul. The company currently employs over 180,000 people worldwide and has an annual turnover of nearly $70 billion. It is also one of the world's leading suppliers of TVs, mobile phones and air conditioning systems. As a brand, LG has existed since 1995. Previously, the company, existing since 1958, operated under the name Lucky GoldStar Group (as a result of the merger of two companies - Lucky Chemical Company and GoldStar).