BQ Phone Cases & Covers

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Choose a stylish protection offers a massive variety of BQ phone cases that you won't be able to enjoy almost anywhere else in the vast online space. We aim to provide a personalized protection solution that could both match your taste and ensure a high level of smartphone safety. As one of the largest shops in Poland and Europe, we are proud to have a selection of thousands of silicone and rubber BQ phone cases, suitable for every BQ model available on the market. We have a little something for the business people, the art lovers, the hipsters, the traditionalists, and everyone in between.

Enjoy your smartphone for longer

Quit worrying about mechanical and impact damage, make your phone more resistant to falls and enjoy its perfect shape for a more extended time! Our specially selected quality BQ phone cases are designed to match the buttons and plugs of every specific BQ model so that its elements can be fully functional while staying perfectly safe. A good phone case also protects the camera from scratching, which is statistically one of the main reasons why most smartphones can't take a good picture from a particular moment on.

About BQ

BQ is one of the fresh new players in the mobile world, that originated in Spain and launched the market as soon as 2010. The company is achieving a stable annual growth ever since, mainly thanks to the excellent value of their products. BQ is generally suitable for users on a small budget who would appreciate an Android device that provides reliability, delightful design, and intuitive interface. Smartphones are not the only specialty offered by BQ – they are equally good at providing their customers with 3D printing machines and various robotics, that are both attractively priced and good-performing.