Archos Phone Cases & Covers

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What’s on offer

A simple, transparent silicone case, beautiful nature or art print, a pop illustration, or an entirely personalized Archos phone case with a colour and a picture of your choice? provides Archos device owners with the choice they deserve – you can browse and choose between hundreds of products until you manage to find the perfect option. We know that the phone case is not only a means of protection but also a way to express yourself by personalizing your most crucial everyday accessory – your smartphone. That's why we aim to maintain a considerable product variety and allow you to make your mobile device a mirror of yourself – unique and valuable.

Why do you need an Archos phone case

The perks of using a reliable set of mobile device protection accessories are generally well known. A quality phone case, combined with good screen protection, can significantly prolong life and improve the health of your smartphone in the long run. They spare the big trouble in case of dropping, hitting, or scratching the phone, and even minimize the risk of irreparable damage in case of minor liquid impact. Damaging a phone case is much less painful than damaging the device itself, and that’s why you need to be wise enough to get yourself one as soon as you buy your brand new Archos smartphone.

About Archos

Though not precisely mainstream, Archos is a pioneer in the consumer electronics niche. They are a French multinational tech company, found far back in 1988 and still operating successfully under the slogan "Entertainment your way." Smartphones are not Archos' primary concern, though they produce some pretty reliable mobile devices. What they are most known for is manufacturing exceptional portable media players, external data storage, and tablet computers.