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Tablets Apple iPad Air (2019), Apple iPad Air 2, are completely different models

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Every day, hundreds of cracked and damaged iPhones are delivered to the repair services. Apple devices have never been cheap, and it's equally expensive to repair components. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, secure your phone with the appropriate case! Regrettably, it is not possible to replace a damaged case at an official Apple service centre, and it is extremely costly to replace the front screen. The most popular and very effective protection case is the back of the phone. It is a cover dedicated to protect the back and edges of the phone. The cases are made of various types of material - such as plastic, polycarbonate or aluminium. Such a case can be a very good protector for our device. However, if we want to sleep peacefully, we should also equip ourselves with a screen protector. There are elegant but less and less popular vertical holsters, back cases (usually made of plastic or rubber) or book-shaped cases.

Express your style, be original

If you want to adjust the look of your phone to your own style, we recommend buying a decorative case. Among the models available in our shop you may find almost all aesthetic motifs - colourful graphics, floral and landscape motifs, delicate patterns, flashy colour combinations or imitations of various materials such as wood or stone. A case with a printed pattern effectively distracts from the already formed small scribbles that appear over time as a result of normal use. Pleasant to the touch, not significantly bold devices, attractive gadgets for everyone!

What else do we gain by mounting a protective case?

We gain a lot, above all we can keep our Apple equipment intact. This enables us to sell our phone or tablet when we decide to change the phone. Some Apple users sell their phone after some time of use and buy a new model. The value of the "old" one will be much higher if it is effectively protected throughout its use by the first owner.