Allview Phone Cases & Covers

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What to choose from

etuo Flex Book, etuo FLEXmat case, etuo Fantastic case, and etuo Foto Case are just part of the diverse Allview phone case series that proudly offers to its visitors and customers. Each series consists of tens of different products, making one of the most significant phone case traders around. It doesn't matter if you'd instead prefer a minimalistic design, or you'd want your phone to stand out with style and boldness in any crowd – we have tons of options that you can choose from to find exactly what matches your taste.

Why choose it

Carefully protecting your mobile device can help you avoid specific unpleasant experiences, such as scratching or breaking your Allview smartphone. The price of any chosen Allview mobile case is undoubtedly more bearable than having to deal with expensive fixes or even worse – having to provide yourself with a brand new phone. What a quality phone case can do is protecting the body and the display of the smartphone, depending on the case type. Combined with proper screen protection, it can be a life-saver when it comes to unpredicted hits, drops, and even minor liquid impact.

About the Allview brand

Allview is a Romanian brand for electronics that specializes mainly in supplying the market with different models of smartphones, notebooks, tablets, and relevant added accessories. The devices of the brand are manufactured in China by using the services of various local partners. The brand is continually revolutionizing itself and successfully following the latest global trends in the mobile field. In the middle of 2018, Allview launched a smartphone device that has round screen corners and a dual camera – that is the popular Allview X5 Soul Pro, which is one of their currently best-selling products.