Alcatel 1SE (2020) Cases

Cases for Alcatel 1SE (2020)

Smartphones Alcatel 1S, Alcatel 1S (2020), Alcatel 1S (2021), are completely different models

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Case for Alcatel 1SE (2020)

Cases and screen protectors are good allies, clearly recommended, to keep your phone safe from breakage: there are different types, each has its own characteristics. To avoid problems, it is best to use any covers and screen protectors. You can have the safest mobile phone... because, mind you, the cases are effective, yes, but not infallible.

Flap cases

They are made of eco leather or plastic. Some have magnets or other types of fasteners. When you buy one of these cases, make sure that the mobile phone or tablet is securely attached to the case, with an inner shell that fits perfectly to prevent the device from falling out and hitting it. They protect against scratches and falls, as long as they fit well and have a closure that prevents them from opening.


They are leather or synthetic fabric bags. Those with microfibre are also used to clean the screen. They protect both the device and its screen from scratches, but not from knocks, especially if they are textile. Some of them have a zip to prevent the phone from accidentally falling out. They are universal covers, only the size of the device has to be taken into account.

Lightweight cases

Most are made of hard plastic or silicone. There are complete ones (with screen protection), rear and perimetral, bumper type, which only cover the edges so they protect less. Those that replace the original casing are not suitable, as they do not reinforce the strength of the device. The quality of the material determines its resistance. They are light and flexible, so they are more comfortable to wear. They usually add hardly any size. No matter which type of protective case you choose for your Alcatel 1SE (2020), your smartphone will be protected and will definitely serve you longer. In our shop you will find hundreds of patterns and colours of cases for this phone model and many others!