Case Flip Fantastic - panda (460965)

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A practical phone case

Cases from this collection are designed to protect your device from each and every side. Classic case build in a bigger cover assures no damage dealt to the phone while also looking stylish on the outside. The flap covering the front is made out of smooth delicate material on the inside in order to prevent any sort of damage to the screen. It also contains a small pocket for your card, document or business cards. Inner case is also designed to have openings for the camera, charger input, headphones input. speaker output assuring comfortable usage of them without removing the case and last yet not least side button cover making them easier to press. The material is very durable capable of withstanding usage and falls as well as protecting the phone from taking damage of insides by amortizing the falls. There are numerous arts to choose from to have as printing, all made with high technology making them highly resistant to fading, attrition and going off. Different climates of art types and styles allow both young users to pick fitting one without making any exceptions for older ones.

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