Bluetooth speakers

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Bluetooth speakers – a sound product

While their primary use is for making phone calls, smartphones have evolved to the point where they can act as portable entertainment centres. Whether it’s for music or movies, you can have your favourite on, at the touch of a screen. However, sound quality is an issue that hasn’t quite been resolved. Your phone’s speakers can deliver a tinny or distorted level of sound, particularly if you’re using it to entertain a crowd. While there are some devices on the market, the expensive price-tags tend to make them an unnecessary investment. At etuo, we’ve found some excellent solutions, with a range of Bluetooth speakers.

Wireless for sound!

Portable, practical and eminently affordable, Bluetooth speakers are the answer to your aural conundrums! Because our Bluetooth speakers connect with your phone wirelessly, there’s no need for unsightly cables and you don’t even have to be in the same room to make it work. Pair your phone with your Bluetooth speakers and within seconds you’ll have top-quality sound on, just as loud as you like it. Check our collection and you’ll find a huge variety of Bluetooth speakers, from those for 3-Watt phones (ideal for camping and relaxing) to bigger Bluetooth speakers for 10-Watt smartphones, which are ideal for parties and nights when volume counts just as much as quality.

Surround yourself with sound

In addition to superb sound-quality, Bluetooth speakers from etuo come in a range of styles, shapes and colours. Whether you want something that stands out or something more formal and with a touch of class, we’re sure to have just what you’re looking for. The Bluetooth speakers in our collection offer outstanding charging capacity, allowing to keep the tunes coming for hours! There’s no need to register when you shop online at etuo; just choose your Bluetooth speakers and go to the checkout. We’ll ship your order in 24 hours. For more information, browse our selection of stunning Bluetooth speakers.