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Why does my phone get hot?

All phones can overheat. Sometimes your phone can get so hot you cannot comfortably touch it! The bad news is that overheating can quickly damage your delicate smartphone. Below we explain some of the likely causes for this problem and how to stop your smartphone from getting hot.

What are the reasons why smartphones sometimes get hot?

1. Why does my phone get hot?

Your phone can quickly overheat if you are running a lot of apps at the same time in the background. Watching movies, playing games, and using multimedia for a long time will all cause a rise in temperature. Other phone functions, such as tethering or data transfer can also make your smartphone hot.

How can I prevent my smartphones from overheating?

If your phone is getting dangerously hot follow these tips:

1. First, disable all the apps that are open but unused in the background.

2. Reduce the brightness of the display. A bright display makes your phone work harder, draining your battery and generating heat.

3. Protect your phone from heat sources. For example, don’t leave your phone unprotected in direct sunlight or on a heat source like a radiator.

4. Don’t leave your phone on in a closed box or drawer with no ventilation.

5. Buy a phone case designed for your specific model of smartphone. The right phone case should have all the right cut-outs in the correct spaces for connectors and other components. It will also ensure the phone’s heat vents can still do their job properly and reduce the risk of overheating.

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