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What to do when your phone won’t turn on?

You use your phone for everything from catching up on the gossip to shopping or getting directions. Most of us have our phone within reach all day, every day. So when your phone won’t switch on or respond to commands, it’s a major headache. Read our guide to find out what to do if your phone won’t switch on.

1) Remove the battery

Sometimes your phone won’t turn on or work properly if the metal plates on the battery have tarnished. If your smartphone has a removable battery, the first thing to do is to carefully take the battery out of the casing. Once it is out you can gently clean the contacts. Then you’re ready to put it back in. The action of removing the battery and putting it back in again resets your phone too. This can also sometimes help to make a ‘dead’ phone switch back on again.

2) Check the charging connector

1. What to do when your phone won’t turn on?

Damage to the charging port is another common cause that may mean your phone won’t switch on. The connection can easily become broken if the charging cable is not always removed carefully. If the charging cable feels loose when you move it, this is likely to be what is stopping your phone from switching on.

Check to see if this is the problem:

• Connect your device to the charger and look to see if there is any reaction when moving the cable on the screen. 

• You can also connect your phone to a computer and watch to see if there is a change on the screen.

• If a cloud or driver/software installation window appears on the monitor this may mean that the charging connector and sub-board has failed.

If this is the problem, you’ll need to get the phone serviced. Replacing a broken connection means taking your device apart, so it is always best to take your smartphone to a professional for this type of complex repair.

3) A problem with the software

2. What to do when your phone won’t turn on?

Corrupted software is another common reason why a phone won’t turn on. Many smartphone manufacturers provide free patch fixes for self-repairing software. This includes Apple phones, which restore software via iTunes. Don’t forget that you will permanently delete data from your phone if you do this.

4) Water damage

Finally, if your phone may not turn on if it has got wet. If that has happened, you’ll need to dry out all the components thoroughly. Remove the battery from your smartphone as soon as possible and take out the memory cards and sim card. Let these all dry completely before you put them back in again. If this still does not help, you’ll to get professional help. Then make sure you prevent water damage in the future by choosing a waterproof phone case. This will protect your smartphone and help stop you from experiencing that dreaded moment when your phone won’t turn on.

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