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What is NFC? Getting the most out of this overlooked feature

NFC is a communication technology that has become a standard for high-end phones. In today's article, we explain what is it and how it’s used.

What is NFC?

1. What is NFC? Getting the most out of this overlooked feature

NFC or Near Field Communication is a technology that enables wireless file transfer between mobile devices. NFC sends and receives digital information over a distance of about 20 centimetres using highly tuned radio waves based on Android 2.3.

The use of NFC technology in practice

NFC was originally created to transfer data, mainly files, between devices. The technology grew and evolved where it could also interact with NFC tags to, for example, unlock a door. 

In summary, NFC technology and it’s surrounding accessories let us transfer data, read information or make a payment using our mobile device. NCF technology is available in a wide range of modern devices, including the Samsung S8, Huawei P10, Huawei P Smart and LG Q6

Advantages of NFC technology

2. What is NFC? Getting the most out of this overlooked feature

NFC has two main advantages.

1. It’s safe and secure

2. It interacts with 3rd parts accessories like tags and POS systems

NFC technology instantly connects two devices to each other, but only at short distances, and when the feature is enabled on both devices. This is how security is built into NFC technology. It’s not possible for NFC to be engaged without your permission. 

In addition, NFC has an additional form of protection in Secure Element SE security.

NFC tags are small chips in a sticker. After being brought closer to the phone, the chip sends small amounts of information to it. 

The tag can be freely programmed and stuck in any physical location. For example, a tag that’s programmed to launch your stopwatch and placed in your kitchen makes it easy to create perfectly timed meals. Another idea is to place one on your desk at work so your phone is automatically turned onto vibrate mode. 

How do you enable NFC on your phone?

To enable NFC on your smartphone, slide down the notification bar from above and locate the ‘NFC’ function. If you can’t find this, then go into Settings/Connectivity/Connections/Sharing and search for the "NFC connection" option. Unfortunately, please note that not every smartphone is equipped with an NFC module.

Threats to users paying by phone

3. What is NFC? Getting the most out of this overlooked feature

Believe it or not, one of the biggest threats to ‘security’ when using NFC, is that in order to use it, you need to hold your phone and tap it - leaving your phone open to being dropped, or grabbed by an unsavoury passer-by.

To help minimise the damage if your phone is dropped on the ground, it’s good to practise to use a case and glass or LCD film. The range of both cases and protective films is almost endless. 

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