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How to protect your phone against viruses

Unfortunately, every year more smartphone viruses and Trojans emerge, and they’re getting more complex and difficult to spot. Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting phones and unless you protect your phone in the same way you would a PC or laptop, you risk having private data, including your bank details, stolen. In this blog, we explain how to protect your phone from a malware attack.

Only download proven applications from official sites

1. How to protect your phone against viruses

Most viruses enter our phones via an application that has been downloaded from an unofficial source. To avoid accidentally downloading a virus, only use official stores such as Play Store, App Store, Windows Phone or Blackberry World.

Don’t open suspicious looking attachments

2. How to protect your phone against viruses

Every day, lots of emails drop into inboxes. If you do not know the sender, don’t open the email and any attachments. Many hackers post malware in these messages. Remember, cyber criminals are clever and can make their emails look like they have come from a known and trusted source. Look for emails with bad grammar, spelling mistakes, or incorrect details. Trust your instinct – if it looks suspicious, it probably is!

Regularly perform system and application updates

3. How to protect your phone against viruses

This will mean your phone is updated with any necessary fixes and patches. It’s very important to install these updates as hackers often exploit vulnerabilities in software.

Watch out for open Wi-Fi networks

4. How to protect your phone against viruses

If you’re transferring sensitive information or data, such as making a payment on your phone, try to use a trusted Wi-Fi network. Hackers often create networks, which they name to sound like a genuine shop or restaurant. If you use these public networks, your data can be stolen and you won’t even realise that it’s happening.

Consider using anti-virus software

5. How to protect your phone against viruses

If you use your phone for online banking, payments, work emails or storing sensitive data, consider installing an anti-virus programme. 

What to do if you think your phone already has a virus

If you think you might already have a virus on your phone, don’t panic! Our guide How to remove a virus from your phone takes you step-by-step through what you need to do. If, after following this advice, you’ve still not been able to remove the virus, contact your network operator service centre.

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