How to improve phone network coverage?

We’ve all experienced times when we don’t have enough coverage to make a call or send an email on our smartphone. If you struggle with a weak signal, read our blog below to discover how to improve coverage on your phone.

Manually select your network

1. How to improve phone network coverage?

If you want to improve your phone signal, the first thing to try is changing the type of network. To do this, go to “Settings” and open the “Mobile network” tab. Scroll and select “Preferred network type”. Switching from automatic 4G to 3G or 2G should improve the signal slightly. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that changing to manual will also slow down your internet access.

Manual operator selection

2. How to improve phone network coverage?

Many phone network providers work together and allow reciprocal roaming, so users can use transmitters from more than one network. That lets you select the best available network for coverage wherever you are. Your SIM card will automatically connect you to the transmitter belonging to your network provider. If your signal is weak, it may be worth manually changing to an alternative provider. To do this, go to “Settings” and select the “Operator” tab. You need to deactivate the automatic operator selection function and then a list of available networks will appear. Chose from the list to see if your coverage improves.

Signal repeaters

3. How to improve phone network coverage?

A signal repeater amplifies your signal to make it stronger. Signal repeaters are legal but installation is only permitted by your network provider.

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