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How to clean a silicone phone case?

You take your phone everywhere you go. You put it in your pocket, in your bag, on restaurant tables, and on your desk. That means it gets dirty quickly, and it could also be home to millions of bacteria. To avoid this, it's essential to clean your phone's silicone case regularly. However, harsh chemicals can be damaging. We’ve put together this guide to explain how to keep your phone's silicone cover hygienically clean.

Why do I need to clean my phone case?

1. How to clean a silicone phone case?

• We touch our phone regularly throughout the day. It also comes into contact with a variety of other surfaces. That can make phones a breeding ground for bacteria. Keeping it clean is crucial to stop germs spreading.

• We all want our phone to look as neat as possible, and cleaning it is the best way to achieve that.

• Dust and dirt under the cover can scratch your phone, causing permanent damage.

How often should I clean my phone case?

How often you clean your case depends on how dirty your phone gets. If it looks mucky, you should clean it. As a general rule, you should aim to remove the silicone cover at least monthly for a thorough clean.

Remove the cover

The first thing you need to do is to remove the silicone cover from your phone. Do this by gently stretching one corner and gently ease the phone out. Take care not to pull too hard, or you could tear the case.

What products are best for cleaning a silicone phone case?

Once you have removed the cover from your phone, you’re ready to start cleaning. Warm water with some washing-up liquid is the best choice as harsher cleaners can damage the silicone. Use a soft, clean cloth soaked in the soapy water and gently wipe over the case. When you are finished, rinse the case with clean water and leave it to dry. Always make sure your case is completely dry before you return your phone into it.

How to clean tough stains from a phone case

Soapy water won’t always work on tougher stains. For these, you could try using a small amount of isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol). You can buy this in a bottle or try wipes that are designed for cleaning screens or glasses. An acetone-free nail varnish remover may also help but only use this if your silicone case is a single colour and does not feature a print.

What about yellowing on a silicone phone case?

You may have noticed that over time your phone case has started to turn yellow. This problem mainly affects lighter-coloured covers and is caused by everyday exposure to dirt and sunlight. Unfortunately, there is no way to safely remove the yellowing without causing damage to the case, which could mean your phone is not appropriately protected. If you dislike the way it looks, your best bet is to buy a new silicone phone cover.

Unique phone cases

2. How to clean a silicone phone case?

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