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How do I transfer contacts from my phone to my Google account?

Google is a simple and convenient way to safely save contacts in the cloud. It makes it quick and easy to import contacts when you buy a new phone too. Read on to discover how to save contacts in Google.

Automatically synchronise contacts

If you have an android smartphone, you can automatically synchronise contacts. To set this up, go to your phone “Settings” and select “Accounts”. From here, click the “Google” tab and activate “Sync contacts”. Once this is enabled, your contacts will be saved to the cloud automatically.

If your phone has to be reset or you buy a new one, simply log into your Google account to access all your contacts. The phone numbers will appear in the Contacts menu automatically.

Manually upload contacts to Google

1. How do I transfer contacts from my phone to my Google account?

Sometimes, some phone numbers are overlooked during auto-sync. These are normally older contacts from the SIM memory or numbers that have been stored locally on the phone. To be certain you have saved all your contacts, it’s worth doing a manual upload to Google regularly.

To do this, open “Contacts” and go to the options menu at the bottom right corner of the screen. Open the Import / Export contacts” tab and click “Sharing contacts”. When the list of contacts is displayed, select “All” and then “Share”. When Android asks how you want to share numbers, select Gmail. This will bring up the compose screen with an attached .VCF file that contains your contacts. Send the message to your Google account email.

Now go to your computer to open the email. Hold the cursor over the .VCF file and select the “Add to contacts” option.

Convenient and secure

Sending contacts to your Google account is a convenient and secure way to back up your contacts. Automatic syncing gives you peace of mind that even if your phone is damaged, lost or stolen, you can still access your essential data. And because it’s automatic, you don’t even have to remember to do it yourself.

If you’re planning on switching to a new phone or sending your current phone for a service, it’s worth manually saving contacts to Google. That way you can be certain nothing has been missed and all your contacts are stored on the cloud.

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