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How do I clean my phone speaker?

Whether you carry your phone in your pocket or in a bag, it’s easy for dirt, and dust to get stuck in the ports. Phones also attract dust much more than other items because of the electromagnetic field they generate. Most phone cases have cut-outs for easy access to the ports. Unfortunately, that means the case won’t stop fluff and grime from entering the ports. Luckily, there are steps that you can take to help keep your phone dirt-free.

Compressed air

1. How do I clean my phone speaker?

Compressed air is an effective solution for removing dust particles that build up in the speaker port. All you need to do is point the nozzle horizontally towards the hole, and the air will blow out the particles. Compressed air is an inexpensive solution to cleaning and can be bought online or in specialist stores.


2. How do I clean my phone speaker?

Another option is to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the speaker carefully. Make sure you brush very gently. And always ensure the brush is completely dry. This should remove dust and dirt from the holes.

Painter’s masking tape

3. How do I clean my phone speaker?

Painter’s tape, also known as masking tape, can be used to grab dirt and dust from your speaker port gently. Roll up a small piece, so the side with the adhesive is facing out. Then gently dab the roll into the speaker port. Dirt and dust particles should attach to the sticky adhesive allowing you to remove them gently.

Speaker Clean application

Speaker Clean is an app that uses short high-frequency sound waves to clean the speaker.

Protect your phone with a wooden phone case

4. How do I clean my phone speaker?

Most smartphone cases have a cut-out for the speaker to ensure sound quality is not reduced. That means the speaker is not protected from dust and dirt. If you frequently carry your phone in your pocket or bag, where it can quickly get dirty, you might want to consider a wooden phone case instead. These do not have a cut-out for the speaker because the sound quality is not affected by the case. These unique and elegant phone covers are made from high-quality wood and are available in a choice of smooth and bespoke engraved finishes.

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