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How can I remove a virus from my phone?

Phones are increasingly targeted by malware. These viruses can secretly control the device or steal your private information. If your phone battery is draining very quickly or it crashes regularly, it may be infected. If your phone has a virus, don't panic. Instead, please read our guide below to find out how to remove a virus from your phone.

How to remove malware from your smartphone

1. How can I remove a virus from my phone?

1) If you restore your device to the original factory settings, you may be able to remove the virus from the phone. Make sure you back up your smartphone before doing this. 

2) Alternatively, try switching your phone to safe mode. You won’t have to delete data from your phone to try this method to remove a virus from your phone. That’s because third-party applications don’t work when you’re in this mode. That means any malware activity will also be stopped.

To put your phone into safe mode:

• First press and hold the power button.

• When the phone restarts, open “Settings”, select “Applications” and click the “Downloads” tab. 

• If you do not know which application contains malicious software, you should look through the list and check whether there is an unknown item listed among the application names. If there is, click on the application and select "Uninstall". 

• In most cases, this removes the virus from your phone.

2. How can I remove a virus from my phone?

If the ‘Uninstall’ button won’t work, that means that the virus has given itself administrator privileges. To check and solve the problem, you’ll need to:

• Go back to the "Settings" of your smartphone.

• Go to the "Security" tab and find the "Device administrators" option. 

• If there’s unexpected application listed, it means that the malware has given itself administrator rights.

• To fix, click on the application, deselect it and confirm your choice.

• After doing this, go back to “Device administrators.” The uninstall option should be active.

• After removing the application, be sure to restart the device.

3) A final option to remove malware from your phone is to install an antivirus program. You can find lots of free antivirus apps in the Google Play Store, including Avast and 360 Mobile Security. Bear in mind that these apps won’t always stop every virus and may stop innocent apps from being downloaded too.

How to keep your phone protected

3. How can I remove a virus from my phone?

Your Android phone is most likely to become infected by a virus when you install a third-party app. To avoid this, you should only install applications from Google Play, which checks for harmful software.

If you are going to install software outside of Google Play, then check which permissions the application requires. For example, it's a good idea to see if the video player will not request access to saved contacts or other data. Also, check the reviews of the application on the web and opinions about the developer.

Smartphone security is not just about protecting data on the internet. Your device is at risk of mechanical damage too. The best way to protect your phone from this risk is to buy a quality protective case. Choose from a wide selection of stylish covers from the etuo store, including silicone cases, wooden cases, and aluminium cases. There’s also a choice of protective films for your screen.

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