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Create the perfect gift set with etuo

There are two strategies for choosing Christmas gifts. Some bet on a single, more expensive item, while others put together gift sets, which is not only a lot more fun, but it can also be much more popular with the recipient! By creating a gift set with etuo, you can be creative, generous, and give your loved one or friend a gift that they’ll really appreciate. Check out what gift sets are on offer for our customers this year.

Protective kits for your new phone

1. Create the perfect gift set with etuo

Almost everyone now owns a smartphone with a large touch screen. However, that screen can be easily damaged. If you’ve paid a lot of money for a top-of-the range phone, you need protective accessories so you don't end up with scratches, cracks or damage to the case over time. However, pouch, foils and protective glasses don’t have to be a purely functional necessity. If you take a look what’s on offer in our online store you will find a lot of designer protective accessories, which in addition to giving your phone the protection it needs, are also decorative and great to look at no matter what your style preferences.

Themed categories

When choosing a protective case for your smartphone, you have more than 10 themed categories to choose from. Pick cases in different colours, patterns, shapes and materials. Even if you’re buying a gift for someone picky, we’re guaranteed to have something that will appeal to their sense of style! Match a phone with an elegant case in book form with a flap, a case made of real wood, or for some heavy-duty protection, an armoured pouch. If you want your gift to be as personal as possible, design your gift case yourself using our dedicated and easy-to-use Wizard. you can even create a case with a photo or a case with an inspiring inscription.

Phone covers to fit any model

Smartphone protection is not complete without a phone cover that fits your phone. We have two of the most popular accessories to protect the display screen for any model of phone, including foils and protective glasses. Thin and flexible polycarbonate films are almost invisible after application, but protect the display from dirt, abrasions and scratches. Tempered glasses are thicker and harder, providing a cushioning layer for impacts and falls, reducing the risk of damage or cracking.

Check out our online offers that include protective films and glasses for all available phone models.

Photo Sets

2. Create the perfect gift set with etuo

Almost everyone likes to take pictures with their phone, but for some photography and a phone’s photo capabilities is a priority that dictates which smartphone they choose. If you have a mobile photography enthusiast in your family or circle of friends, you can give them a unique gift in the form of accessories to help them take pictures with their phone.

Selfie sticks

One of the most useful photo accessories for your smartphone is definitely a selfie stick with a selfie stick. It allows you to take full advantage of advanced photographic capabilities, such as long exposure times and different angles, giving you a stable and adaptable platform for your phone. It makes it much easier to take group photos, as well as selfies recording the entire silhouette of the photographer.

LED lights

Although each phone has a flash on the back of the case, so far there is no additional illumination of selfies taken with the phone's front camera. Therefore, a very useful accessory is an LED light mounted on the front of the smartphone. Its round shape gives you a natural-looking light source that lights up the whole of the face.

Party sets

3. Create the perfect gift set with etuo

Smartphones are popular when you’re meeting family or friends. They are used to take pictures, play social games, or your favourite tunes. Therefore, an interesting gift idea for a person who likes to surround themselves with friends and family is a party set of accessories for their phone. The following equipment can be found right here at etuo.

Bluetooth speakers

Music is definitely an important part of any event. Not everywhere, however, gives you the opportunity to use high-quality speakers. Sometimes there is simply no access to a constant power source. You can play music from your smartphone, but its sound and power capabilities are limited. In this case, a Bluetooth speaker is ideal. Due to its special design, it generates sound with a spatial impression and has much more power than the speakers available on the phone.

Selfie sticks

Even a phone that has a wide-angle front lens, may have trouble capturing several people in a group shot. A selfie stick is great for spontaneous portrait photos without cropping anyone out of the picture! The accessory holds the smartphone steady, preventing it from falling. There is a button on the selfie stick that triggers the shutter on your phone. In this way, you can take a lot of interesting photos so you can all remember that special occasion.

Travel kits

4. Create the perfect gift set with etuo

Phones are essential for every journey. We use them primarily for contact with other people, but also for navigation, taking photos, or searching for essential information. At the same time, the use of the smartphone on the go for many reasons remains limited. That's why it's worth giving someone a travel kit from etuo.

Power banks

Any person who travels a lot will definitely need a roomy power bank. With such an accessory, you do not need access to a constant power source to renew the power in the battery of your smartphone. Many of the power banks available in our store have a very large capacity, which for most phones is enough to carry out several full battery charge cycles. This is super-handy, especially when you’re out and about, especially in areas where power points are a rarity, such as hiking and mountain trekking.

Memory cards

We love our phone cameras, and most people usually take tons of photos and videos, which can quickly fill the internal memory of the phone. However, with a large memory card, this problem disappears! For example, a 128GB accessory can hold up to 32,000 high-quality photos.

A USB adapter

Remembering to take all your chargers for your electronic equipment can be a hassle when packing for your trip. However, splitters and USB adapters save you time on packing, as well as taking up less space in your luggage. You can charge several devices at the same time, for example, a smartphone, a smartwatch, and an e-book reader.

Sports kits

5. Create the perfect gift set with etuo

To make a unique gift to a sports fan, you do not have to spend a large amount on branded equipment or sportswear. If a person uses their smartphone while playing sports, then we have plenty of accessories that will be useful to them.

Wireless headphones

Tangled cables are not conducive to physical exertion, which is why most athletes give up using wired headphones! Headphones that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth are much better. You can listen to music on them during your workout, or pick up messages from your sports app. Choose headphones for a loved one with ear hooks that reduce the risk of the accessory falling out in the middle of that treadmill sprint!

Phone cases take a look

Wristband covers

Using the application to measure various training parameters is motivating and allows you to chart your progress in sports. However, tight sportswear does not provide space for large smartphones, so a much more convenient solution is a wristband phone cover. It is best to choose a waterproof accessory, which can withstand rain and sweat. With a transparent coating, you can preview and operate the phone screen with ease.

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