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Create a case with your print – see the possibilities

A case with its own graphics does not necessarily mean a lower level of protection for your smartphone or tablet. In our online store you will find several cases that can be customised to your individual needs. See exactly what's different between a silicone case, an armoured case, and a book-style case.

Design a case with your own graphics

1.Create a case with your print – see the possibilities

Customers of our online store can choose to create an interesting alternative to the finished case for their smartphone or tablet with our easy-to-use case Wizard. You can use this to create a protector with a personalized print and n a case for yourself or a gift case for a loved one. The design of the case can contain any graphic elements including photos, pictures and text. It’s up to you to decide on each detail of the overprint, such as its colour, design, and layout of each graphic.

What are the advantages of our self-printed case?

The print designed in our case Wizard can be printed onto one of several variants of the case. Thanks to this, not only the appearance, but also the protective and useful properties of the housing are adapted to the individual needs of the user.

Simply select the make and model of your smartphone or tablet, then indicate the type of case you want to print. Your choice includes an armoured case, silicone/rubber case, and a book-style case. Please note that access to certain types of cases varies depending on your make and model of phone or tablet. For example, for tablets, only flip enclosures are available. Regardless of the choice of print case variant, all our accessories are distinguished by:

• Dedicated size – the case takes into account the dimensions of a specific phone or tablet model, so that it accurately protects the device and does not slip off during use.

• Cutouts for important components – each case contains notches or tabs for power buttons and volume changes. It also has holes for charging jacks, headphone jacks, rear cameras or fingerprint readers. As a result, there is no need to remove the case to access any of these functions.

• Easy cleaning – the coating of our cases for phones and tablets resists dirt and grease to stay looking better for longer. You can easily clean your case with a damp cloth or disinfectant gel and a handkerchief, to keep it looking as good as the day you bought it!

• Non-slip surface – we made sure that our housings sit comfortably and easily in the hand and do not slip when in use. This reduces the risk of dropping the device out of its protective cover.

• Print life – there is no reason to worry about abrasion or fading of the print applied to the case. It presents the same high durability as finished printed enclosures.

Silicone/rubber case print

2. reate a case with your print – see the possibilities

One of the most popular types of smartphone case is the classic silicone or rubber case. The cover shields the back and sides of the phone, protecting them from damage. The print is only on the back of the case, so the sides remain transparent or in the original colour ordered. At etuo you’ll find two options for silicone/rubber cases:

• Soft Flex – a flexible smartphone cover made of silicone. It is durable and adheres well to the correct phone case. Its flexible material is highly resistant to damage. Soft Flex silicone cases are available in several attractive base colours, including black, mint, red, navy, and pink. They are visible on the protective parts which are not covered by the print.

• FLEXmat – the base material of this type of housing is flexible TPU. In most variants, the protective coverings are translucent, so they reveal the original colour of the smartphone case. The FLEXmat case is highly resistant to deformation.

Hybrid/armoured chassis

The hybrid armoured case has a more robust design and above-average resistance to damage. It offers better protection to the smartphone case from scratches, abrasions and knocks. It is also a thicker cushioning layer when the device falls or hits hard surfaces. The hybrid housing consists of three different materials: hardened TPU, aluminium and plastic, making it the most resistant to damage. It also has bold TPU surrounds in black, while the print covers the entire back of the accessory.

Printed on the case in book form

3. Create a case with your print – see the possibilities

For those who design a print on their phone or tablet in our case builder, a book case design is one of the most popular options. Its main advantage is the flap that protects the front of your smartphone or tablet. In many situations, the use of a book-style case reduces the risk of scratches or cracking. Depending on the specific model of the device, two variants of this case are available: the classic Flex Book flap cover and the improved Wallet Book version, where a practical magnet fastener and convenient document compartments give you even better functionality.

The book-style case can also be used as a phone or tablet support, making it more convenient to watch movies, make video calls, or play games on your device. The print covers the entire top of the accessory, and not only the case, but also the flap. You can design a case overprint as one large graphic, or create a design consisting of two identical/similar graphics on the back and front of the device.

Keep this in mind before you place an order for a printed case

Since we do not change any designs sent to us, please remember to make sure in the order confirmation before purchasing that the project is as expected. In some cases, the colour scheme of the finished case may differ slightly from your design, depending on the settings of the monitor you are using when preparing the pattern.

If your personalized case design has changed in the preview, please contact our customer service to resolve the issue.

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